Azerbaijan Cuisine

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Müsəmbə - Lamb or beef with aubergine and tomato

This dish brings together aubergines (eggplant),tomatoes and peppers, which are abundant in Azerbaijan in summer, and lamb or beef.

Shekerbura - Sweet nut pies

Shekerbura (şəkərbura) are a popular Azerbaijani sweet pastry, filled with ground almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts.

Tava kebabi - Pan kabab

Pan kebab is tasty way of cooking lamb without any need for a barbecue.

Sogan dolmasi - Onion dolma

The term dolma covers a variety of stuffed vegetable dishes, widespread in the Middle East and Mediterranean area.

Gurza-Lamb dumplings

Dumplings in various shapes and sizes are popular across the Caucasus and Russia.

Quymaq - Flour and butter pudding

Quymaq is a rich Azerbaijani dessert, high in calories, made from the simplest of ingredients - flour, clarified butter and water.

Toyuq soyutması - Poached chicken with pickles and tomatoes

Azerbaijani poached chicken is a light, healthy dish, easy to make. It can be served as a main course or appetiser.

Paytakht salati - Potato, pea and egg salad

This salad is Russian in origin but is so popular in Azerbaijan that it has become part of the national cuisine.

Kalla-pacha soyutmasi - Sheep's head soup

Kalla-pacha soyutma (kəllə-paça soyutma) is one of two traditional Azerbaijani soups made from offal.

Sarımsaqla göy lobya - Green beans with garlic

Green beans with garlic are a tasty dish, easy to prepare.

Vinegret - Beetroot and bean salad

Vinegret is a substantial, beautifully pink salad of beetroot, pickled cabbage and cucumbers, popular across the entire former Soviet Union

Kələm salatı - Cabbage salad

Azerbaijani cuisine has a rich variety of salads, from a simple combination of tomatoes and cucumbers to the more complex "vinegret".

Lobya soyutmasi - Kidney bean soup

Bean soyutma is a cross between a thick soup and a serving of beans. It makes a delicious winter warmer but can be served at any time of year.

Shuyudlu suzme - Yoghurt cheese with dill

Suzme is a tangy, creamy cheese made by straining the water out of plain yoghurt. The name suzme comes from the verb süzmək, meaning to filter.

Çoban salatı - Tomato and cucumber salad

Çoban salatı, which translates as "shepherd's salad", is a classic Azerbaijani salad, found in many homes and restaurants over the summer.

Doymaj - Garlicky fruit purée

Doymaj (döyməc) is a tangy purée of fruit and garlic, usually eaten at the end of a meal to aid digestion.

Toyug ləvəngi - Roast chicken with walnut stuffing

Levengi (ləvəngi) is a stuffing made from ground walnuts and dried fruit, typical of the southern Lankaran area.

Göy lobya bozbaşı - Green bean soup

This simple soup is a tasty way of using the runner beans that grow in abundance in Azerbaijan in summer.

Merji shorbasi - Red lentil soup

Originally a Turkish soup, red lentil soup (mərci şorbası or mərci) has become popular in Baku cafes and restaurants.

Zogalli duyu shorbasi - Rice soup with cornelian cherries

Cornelian cherries, or cornels, are widespread across the Caucasus and southern Russia. They add a fruity tang to this simple soup.

Khamrashi - Noodle broth with meatballs

Khamrashi (xəmraşi) can be made with a clear beef or lamb broth, as in this recipe, or with chicken broth.