Zelensky tasks chief of his office to organize meeting with Putin

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Monday he has tasked chief of his office Andrei Yermak to organize a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, TASS reports.

"I think the situation is tending towards such a meeting. Indeed, I suggested, and you have heard that, we meet in Donbass. The president confirmed his readiness and suggested we meet in Moscow. I have already tasked head of the presidential office Andrei Yermak to get in touch with President Putin’s administration to find mutual understanding and agree a date and a venue for our meeting," he told journalists, adding that what matters most is the very fact of such a meeting "and where it will take place is just a detail."

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, in turn, told TASS there are no details of the potential meeting.


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