Zelensky talks about Azerbaijan's readiness to supply mine-cleaning equipment to Ukraine

Azerbaijan is ready to provide Ukraine with equipment for demining, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said in his video message, News.az reports.

"Azerbaijan is ready to provide a new humanitarian package, including demining equipment. Demining is one of the important areas of our cooperation with our partners. Ukraine needs supplies of this equipment from its partners," Zelensky said.

The President of Ukraine noted that at present, a total of 174,000 square kilometers of territory are at risk due to mines and unexploded ordnance.

"Our experts in the field discover new explosive munitions every day. We need more mine-clearing equipment, vehicles and specialized drones to clear them in a more proactive and safer manner. We are grateful to all the countries that have helped us in this area," he added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan reported that the country would send one mine clearance vehicle to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Azerbaijan provided humanitarian assistance worth more than $17.6 million to Ukraine.

According to the decree dated July 17, 2023, $7.6 million were allocated from the Azerbaijani side to the Energy Ministry for the purchase and shipment of electrical equipment in order to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

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