Yerevan's claims against Azerbaijan ‘groundless and unacceptable’, Baku says

Over the past few days, the units of the State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan have been carrying out an anti-terrorist operation in order to suppress the sabotage and terrorist actions of the Armenian armed formations operating in the forests in the vicinity of the Hadrut village of the Khojavend district of Azerbaijan. These territories, after long years of Armenian occupation, were recently liberated by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The joint statement of the State Security Service and the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan on December 13 contains detailed information on this issue, the Foreign Ministry said in its statement. 

"Official Yerevan's claims against Azerbaijan are groundless and unacceptable. Thus, the provocative activities were carried out by the remnants of the armed forces of Armenia. In turn, the government of Azerbaijan and the peacekeeping mission of the Russian Federation are taking all the necessary measures to maintain peace in accordance with the provisions of the trilateral Statement of November 10.

We would like to recall that the Statement, adopted as a result of great efforts, provides for a complete ceasefire and the cessation of all hostilities. We call on Armenia to strictly comply with the requirements of the trilateral Statement and refrain from destructive actions that may hinder its implementation.

Azerbaijan, acting within the framework of joint cooperation with Russian peacekeepers, will take appropriate measures to ensure peace and security in the region," the statement said.


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