Yerevan does not comply with trilateral statements – Israeli expert

Yerevan does not comply with the trilateral statements on Karabakh, which were signed a year ago, Mikhail Finkel, Israeli political scientist, an expert at international relations, told News.Az.

He was commenting on Armenia’s continued military provocations on the border with Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that Armenian armed forces continue large-scale provocations on the state border with Azerbaijan. As a result of the provocations committed Tuesday, two Azerbaijani servicemen were wounded. The Azerbaijani Army took adequate response measures against provocations, destroying Armenia’s military equipment. Baku stated that the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border remains tense.  

Finkel noted that the Armenian side resorted to provocations against Azerbaijan without any reason for it.

“Let’s take a look at how Armenia has been behaving in recent days. By shelling the Azerbaijani army’s positions on the state border, Armenia continues violating the trilateral statements it signed a year ago.  Those committing provocations against Azerbaijan are terrorists. They keep ignoring their word and violating the agreement reached,” he said.

He stressed that those armed groups are terrorists and do not differentiate between military and civilian objects.

“A peace treaty cannot be signed with terrorists, and it is impossible to reach an agreement with them. It is like a deal by the devil. The devil will deceive you. You cannot sign contracts with them. Unfortunately, this is the power that exists in Armenia, and these forces are devilish ones that only want war and bloodshed,” Finkel added.


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