Yelk Bloc MP: I give Armenian Government old Soviet system bad mark

I give the Armenian Government mark 2 (bad mark) according to the old Soviet 5-point system, MP of the Yelk (Way Out) Bloc Edmon Marukyan said in the parliament on Thursday, speaking at the discussion of the report on the 2016 State Budget performance, reports.

In his words, these reports shouldn’t pass the “we-mentioned-figures-shook-hands-and-leave ” scenario.  They should include information on whether issues important for the state and society are being solved. “Unfortunately, we have to respond “no” to all the questions of that kind. Has the income of people grown? No. Can the farmers pay the loans? No. Do people remain in the country?  No. Are the provincial cities and towns Gyumri, Vanadzor, Hrazdan and Kapan improved?  No. They have remained in desolation as they used to be. Has our state system become more effective? No. You took Armenia to the Eurasian Union.  Have your citizens become more protected than before? No. And have the officials retained their $200,000 cars? This is the only question which we can bravely answer “yes,” Marukyan stressed. 



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