IX Global Forum discusses not only regional issues, but also the global problems – Azerbaijani PM says

“Holding the IX Global Forum in Azerbaijan is very important. Baku's hosting of such forums is very commendable and is welcomed positively in the world,” Azerbaijani MP Arzu Naghiyev told News.az.

According to him, the main point is that this forum discusses not only regional issues, but also the global problems.

Mr. Naghiyev noted that Azerbaijan is already becoming a big hub, a great platform: “For comparison, I would like to mention that if the Davos forum is a platform for solving economic problems, the participation of representatives from more than 50 countries makes the Baku forum a very global platform. Here, not only one state, but each state discusses and analyzes its own problems and receives appropriate contributions from other participants in solving these problems.”

Azerbaijani MP said the serious nuance is that the participants of the forum are mainly specialists who know politics, economics and security issues.

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