World-renowned anti-aging researchers gather in Baku (PHOTO)

A press conference dedicated to Viva La Vida, an international longevity congress, was held in Baku on Wednesday with the participation of world-renowned longevity experts, News.Az reports.

Supported by Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Health, the congress is due to take place in Baku on March 16-17.

During the press conference, Bioscience Medicine, which manages medical and anti-age institutions such as Medline, Sea Breeze Anti Age and Ambassade de la beaute in Azerbaijan, signed a cooperation agreement with Mayr Medicine. According to the document, the Caspi Mayr healthcare complex will soon be opened on the coast of the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan in line with the concept of "medicine of the future".

The implementation of the agreement will allow undergoing a patented detox program, which has received many international awards and is recognized as the best, as well as a unique longevity program to reduce biological age, in Azerbaijan for the first time.

Dr. Alex Vitasek, the founder of the world-famous Mayr health system, said that he is very happy that Mayr Medicine will be available in Azerbaijan.

“Proper nutrition, healthy digestion, gentle cleansing of the body, and increased vitality are the keys to health. We apply a holistic approach to the human body, characteristic of European therapy, combining it with the latest achievements of modern medicine,” Vitasek said.

Moreover, a cooperation agreement was signed between Bioscience Medicine and Nordic Laboratories, the first fully specialized functional medicine laboratory in Europe.

Thus, ultra-accurate diagnostics according to the advanced achievements of functional medicine will soon be possible in Azerbaijan. It is a great success to have such opportunities in Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the conference, Hafar Jafarova, founder of the Sea Breeze Anti-Aging Center, and founder of the accredited professional academy specializing in SPA and Wellness – AWWA (Aesthetic & Wellness World Academy) and Aesthetic & Wellness Association, said that Azerbaijan is ready for the development and application of longevity technologies.

“In the Republic, the process of revising people's medicine and practices on the path to longevity through a holistic approach to physical and mental recovery is underway,” she added.


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