Working group on environmental issues in liberated Azerbaijani territories holds another meeting

A regular meeting of the working group on environmental issues at the Interdepartmental Center, operating under the Coordination Headquarters for the centralized solution of issues in the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan liberated from the Armenian occupation, was held in Zangilan district, News.Az reports.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the relevant state structures included in the working group, as well as the special representatives of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Gubadli, Jabrayil, and Zangilan districts of the East Zangezur Economic Region, the special representatives of the President of Azerbaijan in the liberated territories of the Karabakh Economic Region (except Shusha district), special representative in Lachin district included in Zangezur economic region, representatives of the Restoration, Construction and Management Service in the Karabakh Economic Region, Restoration, Construction and Management Service № 1 and 2 in the East Zangezur Economic Region

The session addressed matters related to restoration and construction, with a focus on ensuring environmental sustainability in the execution of projects across various districts. This encompassed discussions on Gubadli, Jabrayil, and Zangilan districts, integral components of the East Zangezur economic region.

The meeting also delved into the initiatives undertaken in the Jabrayil district under the umbrella of Azerbaijani-Turkish collaboration in forestry. Additionally, there were deliberations on the ongoing projects related to the reconstruction of drinking and wastewater systems in the Zangilan and Jabrayil districts. The restoration of kahrizs (a system for transporting water from an aquifer or water well to the surface, through an underground aqueduct) in the Jabrayil district and the potential utilization of these systems in water resources management were also explored.

Concerns regarding the minimization of environmental impact during the execution of road infrastructure projects, the procurement of essential raw materials for road construction endeavors, and the strategic organization of the judicious utilization of mineral deposits were brought to the forefront of discussions.

The meeting also addressed mine clearance initiatives carried out as part of environmental assessment and greening projects in the recently liberated territories. Additionally, discussions centered on solid waste management and the environmental evaluation of projects implemented in the East Zangezur economic region.


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