WHO rep in Azerbaijan says evaluation of new COVID-19 vaccines continues

The World Health Organization (WHO) is evaluating possibility of including vaccines against coronavirus (COVID-19) in the registry of drugs for their use in emergency situations based on the manufacturers' wishes and requests, the organization's representative in Azerbaijan, Hande Harmanci, said on Friday. 

According to Harmanci, the organization approves only those vaccines, safety and effectiveness of which was confirmed.

"In April 2020, WHO published the minimum criteria for vaccines that would be effective in preventing the coronavirus pandemic. All vaccines that have been evaluated and are intended for emergency use have a minimum level of effectiveness against COVID-19,” she said.

“Many vaccines have been tested with permission from local authorities, but WHO hasn’t evaluated some of them and continues to work in this direction. The results of the studies will be announced after the technical expert group completes the evaluation of these drugs,"Harmanci added.


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