White House’s bias and foul play against Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan newspaper has published an article entitled "White House’s bias and foul play against Azerbaijan". News.Az reprints the article. 

Just a few days after a high-ranking US official asked the President of Azerbaijan to normalize relations and received a positive response to the request, the US continues its campaign of lies and slander against our country. Leaving aside the ludicrous lack of memory and staring at the wall while talking, the state led by President Biden is now experiencing serious psychological consequences and displaying a similar style in its foreign policy. The lack of a systematic approach, state interests being sacrificed to those of lobbying, psychological aggression and, simply put, political blindness of the administration of a President who cannot control himself have further increased.

With criminality and corruption in its public administration at the highest level in the world, this country’s activities are focused on securing dividends for political and business circles. Although partnership with Azerbaijan in the energy supply of Europe, stability in the Middle East and global security does meet US interests, the corrupt nature of the administration pushes it to enmity with Baku, “Azerbaijan” newspaper said in its article headlined “White House’s bias and foul play against Azerbaijan”.

News.Az presents the article: “The fact that the Biden family has created a global corruption network and been officially charged with drug addiction and rape, as well as the fact that White House officials have been exposed for having been financed by lobbying organizations, senators and congressmen with a proven track record of receiving bribes from foreign companies, show the true face, essence, morality and, most importantly, the direction of US activities.

This is not the first and clearly not the last demonstration of the bias and foul play of the White House against Azerbaijan, given Washington’s gloomy history, which was rests on a foundation of genocide of local peoples, has caused the extermination of tens of millions, the collapse of dozens of states and the start of numerous wars...

US blames Azerbaijan for restoring its territorial integrity

It is not the first time an article biased against Azerbaijan and targeting the country's leadership has been published in “The Washington Post”, one of the main mouthpieces of the insidious policies of US political circles. Every time Azerbaijan achieves a success, the State Department masterminds attacks against our country in “The Washington Post” and similar media outlets.

The reason for an increase in the number of such attacks from the United States in recent months has been Azerbaijan’s liberation of its lands from occupation and the end of Armenian separatism in Karabakh. The Biden administration cannot come to terms with the restoration of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over its entire territory and is therefore trying to exact the Armenians’ revenge against Baku. The hearings reminiscent of an absurd theater in the European subcommittee of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee last month, the US Senate’s adoption of the “Armenia Protection Act of 2023” on the basis of false information from anti-Azerbaijani, corrupt and Islamophobic senators at the instigation of the Biden administration, and the re-enactment of the notorious Section 907 are all evidence that the White House cannot come to terms with Azerbaijan's restoration of its national rights.

To be specific, the US is blaming Azerbaijan for restoring its territorial integrity, cannot put up with the independent policy of President Ilham Aliyev and, therefore, orchestrates such an ugly campaign against him. The article published in “The Washington Post” is yet another manifestation of this policy.

The fact that the bias of the United States against Azerbaijan has reached this level is actually quite understandable. The point is that, as is the case with France, American political circles have corrupt relations with the Armenian lobby. For this reason, the Biden administration is under the strong influence of the Armenian lobby and has become a toy in its hands.

“Crazy old man” in US, “head of a criminal family” in the world...

Former US President Donald Trump made a pre-election confession: “We are fighting against a corrupt government apparatus, a corrupt judicial and legal system, a fraudulent election process, and the media which have become a tool in the hands of fraudsters. We will eliminate them all by getting the upper hand.” However, Trump could not do it because he was facing a huge criminal network, an immense corruption machine, the state apparatus.

There have been quite a few US presidents in American history who have been accused of corruption, bribery and other crimes. More precisely, there has been no US president who was not subjected to this accusation!

During the years of Joe Biden's administration, however, these accusations have become even more widespread. Most interestingly, whereas Biden's predecessors mostly accepted bribes through intermediaries, Biden receives illegal payments directly himself and through his family – without any reservations, in larger amounts and continuously. There is an abundance of information about the corrupt dealings of the Biden family, especially his son, on the Internet.

Just like the natives of Sheki, the US media have a habit of giving every famous person a nickname. Over the decades, Biden has also received a number of nicknames, the most famous being a “crazy old man”. It is the only nickname attributed to him now. This is what US newspapers call their president. However, the world media describe Biden not as a “crazy old man” but as the “head of a criminal family”.

Biden “decorates” the headlines of the world media not only with his mental condition, mysterious behavior, yet another official protocol blooper he seems to commit every day, but also with the crimes of his family and himself.

The Bidens have a “rich” criminal background and current criminal activity. The criminal “pearls” of this family can easily emulate the crimes of the notorious mafia bosses and drug lords.

There are hundreds of thousands of references, indisputable facts and undeniable pieces of evidence about this in global media resources. These facts also include crimes such as immoral conduct, rape, pedophilia, and domestic violence, which show the real nature and moral abomination of the US administration.

Most notorious US criminal comes from the Biden family

We will not refer to what is written or said about the Biden family. We will only focus on legal investigations and investigative materials. For example, Joe Biden's son Hunter, who has already received the title of “the most notorious criminal” in the United States, has been charged under at least 20 articles of the Criminal Code.

Hunter, the son of Joe Biden, who was US vice president during the administration of Barack Obama, earned millions of dollars in illegal funds through influence lobbying in Ukraine. For example, he embezzled 3-5 million dollars from “Burisma Holdings”, the largest independent gas producer, over five years. At the same time, using his influence opportunities in the United States, he acquired tens of millions of dollars under a loan agreement. As a matter of fact, he threatened and blackmailed all parties involved in the process. When the illegal actions of Biden's son, who became a true nightmare for Ukraine, became part of the public domain, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, opened a criminal case against Hunter.

At this point, the “Godfather”, the father Biden, intervened in the process. As a result of a blackmail of the Ukrainian leadership, he succeeded in having the prosecutor general dismissed.

Hunter Biden, who also targets secret laboratories in Ukraine, “helps” medical company “Metabiota”, which cooperates with the contractor of the US Department of Defense “Black & Veatch” on the research of pathogens, to conclude a multi-million dollar contract with the US government through illegal influence lobbying. It is officially reported that the amount of money in illegal circulation is close to 50 million dollars. When the fact is revealed, the investigation is taken over by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). However, after the intervention of Joe Biden, the information known to the investigation is hidden. After some time, investigation materials are thrown into the archive as with “top secret”.

In order not to be left alone in the face of Russia, the Ukrainian leadership submits to the blackmail of the Biden family, ignores Hunter's illegal income of tens of millions of dollars, which paves the way for a continuation of this criminal activity... This is how Vice President Biden and his family destroy Ukraine's financial resources and economy...

Years later Biden, already in the status of president, begins to destroy the centuries-old statehood and independence of Ukraine, pushing it to war, getting it defeated and displacing millions of Ukrainians from their homeland...

This time, however, it wasn’t only about the damage done to Ukraine, it was about the growing illegal income of the Biden family...

The father and son earned tens of billions, not tens of millions, and this will last at least until January 2025...

5 million in bribes sent to the Bidens from China

Biden's son, who has earned billions, is not anyone with a particularly bright mind or qualification. He openly admits to having been a drug addict and living on the streets. For example, Hunter, under the influence of drugs, gives his broken computer to a computer repair shop in Delaware. This is where facts about his other crimes are revealed. The information shared with US media suggests that there are authentic bank documents showing that the Biden son received millions of dollars from Chinese companies.

Bank records show the transfer of 4.8 million dollars over the course of 14 months from the Chinese state-owned company “CEFC China Energy” to Hunter Biden's company “Hudson West” and “Owasco” law firm.

As a result of an investigation by James Comer, chairman of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee, it was revealed that in 2019, Hunter Biden received 250,000 dollars from Chinese investor Li Xiang Sheng to facilitate the latter’s communication with his father, Joe Biden.

Drug addict presidential son faces up to 25 years in prison

The emails found on Hunter Biden's laptop revealed other crimes too. Based on 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and more than 2,000 photos found on the laptop of Hunter Biden, who used his father's political influence in his foreign business dealings, he was also suspected of engaging in illegal drug trafficking and attracting women to prostitution.

Hunter, the son of President Joe Biden, is currently charged under three additional counts of perjury when purchasing a firearm. This is the first time in American history when a child of an incumbent president has been prosecuted.

All three of the latest charges stem from Biden's lying on federal records when he bought firearms while he was a drug addict. He stated that he did not use or depend on drugs, although he was in fact actively using cocaine at the time. According to court documents, Hunter purchased a Colt gun at a Delaware gun store in October 2018. US federal law makes it a crime to possess a firearm while using drugs. The statement of the Department of Justice says that if found guilty, Hunter Biden faces up to 25 years in prison.

Correspondence and photographs found on Hunter's laptop and made public by Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani confirm the involvement of Biden’s son in criminal activities related to drug trafficking and attracting women to prostitution. A number of media outlets have published photos showing Hunter engaging in group sex and drug use.

Another fact that emerged from the emails was that US President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, admitted to spending the 20,000 dollars allocated for his daughter's education on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes. Correspondence between Biden and his personal bankers reveals that in December 2018, he took 20,000 dollars from his daughter Macy's college savings to spend on drugs and prostitutes in just one month. At that time, it was reported that Hunter had only 44 cents left in his personal account.

The media reported citing documents from the US Treasury Department that bank investigators suspect Hunter Biden in connection with a “sex trafficking network in Eastern Europe” and forging checks for payments to prostitutes.

It should be noted that the film “My Son Hunter” about the scandalous life of Joe Biden's son has already been released. The film represents a description of Hunter's life, his relationship with his father, corrupt business dealings and a depraved lifestyle. This is how “Daily Mail” introduced the film to its audience: “Warning! This film contains images of, drugs, money laundering and nepotism.”

Rape accusation from Joe Biden’s daughter

Another source of embarrassment for the Biden family was the fact that Hunter had an intimate relationship with his brother's widow after the death of his elder brother Bo Biden from cancer. This relationship was never denied by the family... There are other undeniable facts related to father Biden himself...

Back in 1993, Senator Joe Biden was accused of rape by his former staff member Tara Reed. In order to exonerate himself, Biden said that he was suffering from dementia and did not remember the incident. This is how the act of sexual harassment in the office of the US Senate was covered up.

But the biggest scandal of the Bidens is related to domestic violence... Biden's daughter Ashley is also a drug addict and regularly applies to rehab clinics for treatment of her addiction. 41-year-old Ashley forgot her diary under the mattress in her ward at a “Palm Beach” drug clinic, and someone named Aimee Harris, 39, found it and sold to the media for 40,000 dollars.

“Fox News” widely discusses the confessions in the diary. US President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley says in her diary that when she was a child, “my father and I shared a shower, which was probably not right move”. “Fox News” analyzed the disgusting facts, accused the American leader of depravity and demanded the intervention of the police. “Taking shower with your own daughter? If this is not an attempt at pedophilia, this is certainly a reason for the arrival of the police.”

In her diary, the president's daughter says that drugs brought her to the point of bankruptcy...

Biden also has a brother who is not far behind...

Joe Biden regularly met with his son's business partners from China, Mexico, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, invited some of them to the White House, and even gave them the vice president's official plane.

Biden's brother Jim is also an active member of the family's criminal network. He also goes around the world in the status of Biden's brother, offers his services and ensures the interests of foreign countries and companies in the United States in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars.

An incident that happened to Israeli professor Gal Luft, who accused US President Joe Biden's family of corruption, shows that this family is governed by mafia laws.

Thus, Gal Luft was detained by Cypriot police at the request of the United States in February 2023, released on parole but later disappeared, violating the conditions of parole. His current whereabouts are unknown.

After his arrest, the professor immediately said that he had become a victim of political persecution of the United States because of the information he had about Biden son’s and brother’s corrupt dealings with Chinese business circles. The American newspaper “New York Post” published a 14-minute video of the professor with further accusations. According to Luft, in 2019 he provided evidence to FBI and the Department of Justice. The meeting took place secretly in Brussels.

Luft was supposed to show these materials to the committee of the lower house of the American Congress, but he never managed to do that because he was arrested in Cyprus. The commission made assurances that despite being wanted, the professor remains a potential witness.

Congress begins Biden’s impeachment for family crimes

Let us emphasize again that all these are official and legally based facts, some of them are former president D. Trump's confessions and ones raised in US media. Following the statement two days ago by Mike Johnson, the speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, we believe that the topic has also reached its logical conclusion.

“The impeachment of President Joe Biden is just a necessity. This necessity is related to the fact that the President and his administration have obstructed the investigation of the Biden family members,” the speaker said, adding that the issue of Biden's impeachment could be considered in Congress in the coming weeks.

Johnson noted that several congressional committees were working to find evidence of wrongdoing by the Biden family. At the same time, he said that the Biden administration was trying to conceal “thousands of pages of evidence”.

No comment...

A country that distinguishes people based on the color of their skin cannot be a “cradle of democracy”

A state with a corrupt government apparatus and leaders shamelessly calls itself the “cradle of democracy”. What kind of democracy can we talk about in a country where people are discriminated based on the color of their skin? It is possible to reveal a sufficient number of facts about flagrant violations of human rights in the United States. For example, “Occupy Wall Street!”, Ferguson and Baltimore events and other facts confirm that people in the United States are not allowed to raise their protest voices.

The “democracy” of this country confirms that journalists, bloggers, lawyers and human rights champions can face pressure of all forms and shapes. For example, journalist and activist Daniel McGowan was arrested for criticizing the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the Huffington Post. The suffering unleashed on Julian Assange, the founder of the “Wikileaks” website, and Edward Snowden, a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, is clear evidence of how cruel the White House is to its opponents. Moreover, Washington silences the media and human rights organizations that defend Assange and Snowden with all the means at their disposal.

They show that one of the White House's favorite tools to silence its critics is detention, although American presidents seem to overshadow human rights champions in terms of the eloquence of their speeches. The pressure being put on former president D. Trump also indicates the lack of political pluralism in America and illegal actions of the democrats against their political opponents.

America's bloody and tragic democracy

And this country hypocritically declares that it is one of its main priorities to spread values such as freedom of speech and human rights throughout the world. But the farther the US “democracy” is from a true democracy in its own territory, the more bloody and tragic are its attempts to take control of the post-Soviet space and Eastern geography with myths of “freedom” and the “democracy” it has brought to the Eurasian region. Regardless of how the White House calls itself, the reality and, most importantly, the wars it has brought to the world under the guise of “exporting freedom” show that the United States has robbed people of their right to sovereignty and choice.

The revolutions and coups that have taken place in different parts of the world in recent decades are also projects of the United States. Coups are staged in these countries with the plans of Soros and USAID, civil confrontation is encouraged, but if this doesn’t work, direct military aggression is used.

As is known, the State Security Service of Georgia has recently released a statement about the planned toppling of the country’s government through civil unrest and violence. It is clear from the information that USAID is the organizer of attempts to overthrow the government in the neighboring country. Although this organization has the word “development” in its very name, it has been proven a number of times that USAID is actually engaged in disruptive activities in the countries it operates. In many countries of the former Soviet Union, the name of this organization has always been associated with overt interference in political processes, attempts at staging coups, radical orientation of young people, etc.

There is no need to prove or conduct an in-depth analysis to see that the US is actually conducting a policy of expansion and neo-colonialism under the guise of “democratization” and “fighting terror”. Every bomb exploded in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, every person killed there is the result of US “democracy”. Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons will remain in history as “symbols” of US democracy. People were tortured in the most brutal ways just because they were Muslims, just like in Hitler's Germany. With its imperialist policies, the United States is a country that has created and maintained the tradition of robbery and racketeering in politics.

The plans for wars between Israel and Palestine, Ukraine and Russia, accompanied by human tragedy and the destruction of entire settlements, were developed directly in the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, and approved by the White House. In particular, the fact that the United States instigated the war in Ukraine in order to weaken Russia shows how hypocritical Washington is. In this war, Ukraine has been destroyed, its population has dropped to 20 million, but the US, which tries to portray itself as a peace-loving state, has never called for an end to this war. On the contrary, it continues to stick to a provocative position. In recent months, the United States has been busy preparing international public opinion for the division of Ukraine. After the military campaigns launched in Vietnam, Korea, Latin America and Afghanistan with slogans such as “supporting the freedom of their people”, “supporting democracy”, “fighting terrorism”, the US, which left those countries at the mercy of fate, changed its position by 180 degrees when it saw that its goals in the Ukraine-Russia war were not being fulfilled. Today, the Biden administration is gradually preparing global public opinion for the inevitability of Ukraine's defeat with statements being made at various military and political levels.

US media are leader in spreading fake news

Let's go back to “The Washington Post” article though. First of all, everyone from ordinary citizens to the president of this country admits that the US press has become a biased and slanderous platform. Even former President Donald Trump admits that the US media are the world leader in spreading fake news. Donald Trump has repeatedly appealed to US citizens and global population, urging them not to believe the US media.

The fact that the well-known article of “The Washington Post” was written in an office of the US State Department with an order received from above also confirms what Trump said. “The Washington Post” itself is not a free media, it is a provocation mechanism that keeps alive the tradition of hurling dirt on different countries, peoples, social and political figures, and businessmen.

The newspaper, which maintains the traditions of Soros and acts as a mouthpiece of destructive politics, allegedly criticizes democracy and human rights and freedom of speech in Azerbaijan. In fact, the Biden administration shows that it cannot come to terms with the independent policy of President Ilham Aliyev, who has liberated Karabakh, speaking the language of “The Washington Post”, and therefore organizes such ugly campaigns and publications against the head of our state. This is disrespect and insult not only against President Ilham Aliyev, but also against the people and state of Azerbaijan in general.

At the same time, those in the White House are worried about the exposure of the anti-Azerbaijani network the US has created, financed and is using against our state and people, in particular “Abzas Media”, which is a clear example of it. But it is clear that the purpose of the authors of this article is not exactly what they have touched upon. Their actual goal is to cast a shadow over the successes of the victorious Azerbaijani state and undermine the reputation of our country.

A reminder to the media of the country where human rights and democracy are violated the most: a person living in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones at others. We can talk a lot about the dark side of US democracy.

Why does the US view the demand of justice as a crime?

In recent decades, international sociological survey centers have studied the traditional opinion in nearly 200 countries. “Which country do you consider your enemy?” For many years, the most popular answer remains the same: USA!

Citizens of more than 150 countries put the United States in the first place and those polled in up to 30 countries put the United States in the second place...

The whole world considers the USA its enemy...

US citizens also consider their administration to be their biggest enemy...

The US is known in the world as a black symbol of wars, recession, crisis – all evil deeds...

The US has become a symbol of evil...

The “world gendarmerie” of the last century is the “world escort” of this century...

The White House should not forget that it is itself – the United States of America – that needs democracy more than anyone else in the world today.

The world, the target of an insidious experiment by the dark administration of the White House – a handful of corrupt criminals, rapists and drug addicts – now demands JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE from the United States!

The demand of justice may be irritating for the despotic and corrupt administration of the United States, but it is not a crime at all!”


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