Which European countries have opened their borders?

As European countries begin lifting COVID-19 restrictions, many people across the continent have begun thinking about whether they can have a holiday this summer.

But where can you access and what is still off-limits?

There is a mixed picture across Europe, with the usually easy travel across the Schengen Area restricted, Euronews reports.

Almost every country has its own rules in place and its own timetable for reopening to tourists, both from its EU neighbours and further afield.

If you're intending on coming to the EU for a holiday it's worth knowing the bloc's external borders are set to be closed until at least June 15. But that only applies if you're a non-EU citizen coming from a non-EU country.

The EU Commission has called for the reopening of the bloc's internal borders by the end of June.

But it's all changing quickly, so here's our updated guide to the border situation in Europe this summer.


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