WhatsApp to stop working on millions of phones

WhatsApp is once again changing its minimum specs, with millions of phones set to lose access to the market-leading chat app.

Later this year WhatsApp will be shifting the goalposts so that Android devices running version 4.0.4 or older won't be able to run the Facebook-owned app.

This change will come into effect on November 1, 2021.

The WhatsApp Android FAQ page revealed support for version 4.0.4 is getting dropped.

WhatsApp said: "WhatsApp will no longer support Android phones running OS 4.0.4 and older on November 1, 2021. Please switch to a supported device or save your chat history before then."

If your Android phone is running version 4.0.4 - which was released in 2012 - then you'll need to upgrade to a later build of the Google-made OS.

If your phone isn't entitled to a later upgrade then you'll have no choice but to buy a newer Android phone if you want to continue using WhatsApp.

This news comes after earlier this year WhatsApp ended support for iOS 9, which meant Apple fans needed to have an iPhone 5 at least to use the chat app.


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