Western Azerbaijan Community slams biased appeal of some French MPs

The Western Azerbaijan Community has strongly condemned the biased appeal of a group of French MPs calling for hostility against Azerbaijan, which is an insult to international law, and interpreted it as a clear indication of racism, Islamophobia, and Azerbaijanophobia prevailing in French society, News.Az reports. 

"We remind the French MPs that the declared policy of ethnic cleansing is carried out not by Azerbaijan, which liberated its lands from the 30-year Armenian occupation and is currently determined to reintegrate Armenians living in Karabakh, but by Armenia, which deported Western Azerbaijanis, denied their right to return, and held Azerbaijani territories under occupation for decades," the Community said in a statement.

“We inform the French MPs that most of the territories patrolled daily by the EU mission in Armenia, which they protect, are territories where Azerbaijanis once lived and from where they were deported 30 years ago.

If the French MPs were really interested in international law and democratic values, which they declare, they would support not Armenia, which promotes separatism, revanchism, impunity, and the remnants of the so-called structure, but the Western Azerbaijan Community, which promotes the ideas of peace and coexistence, our proposal for dialogue with Armenia, and the desire of Western Azerbaijanis to return to Armenia—to the homeland of their ancestors.

The Western Azerbaijan Community demands from the French MPs that they refrain from taking actions deliberately directed against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, aggravating the situation in the region, and not interfering in the internal affairs of our country. We call on these deputies to fight racism and Islamophobia existing in their country, not to ban the Corsican language and abandon colonial thinking," the statement said.


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