Western Azerbaijan Community slams Australian government’s anti-Azerbaijan statement

The Western Azerbaijan Community rejects the anti-Azerbaijani statement made by the Australian government on October 17, 2023.

“Australia, which destroyed the Aboriginal peoples and still does not recognize their rights, being one of the countries once voted against the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples, and participated in the invasion of Iraq with false accusations, may be one of the last countries to give an "advice" to Azerbaijan,” the Community said in a statement, News.Az reports.

“Expectations" from Azerbaijan of a country that voted against the recognition of the constitutional rights of the aboriginal peoples, and voiced statements against Azerbaijan joining the other likeminded countries in the UN Human Rights Council, are nothing but hypocrisy. Instead of making such harmful statements, Australia should take real steps towards reconciliation with the aborigines. Australia should put an end to approaching countries and issues based on religious and ethnic sympathies, as well as its crusader mentality,” the Community added.


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