Western Azerbaijan Community issues statement regarding the reportage aired on the Franco-German Arte channel

The report, compiled by the Franco-German ARTE channel reflects the chimeras of Garabagh Armenians that Armenia, once strengthened, will "return Garabagh" and "kill all the Turks", the Western Azerbaijan Community said in the statement,  News.az reports.

"This once again proves that Armenians left Garabagh precisely because of ethnic hatred towards Azerbaijan and unwillingness to live under the flag of Azerbaijan," said in the statement.

The statements recently voiced in the Armenian society on the inadmissibility of the return of Azerbaijanis and many thousands of actions held in recent years by the Armenian opposition in the capital Yerevan under the slogan "Armenia without Turks" show that the Armenian society has not only failed to get rid of Azerbaijanophobic sentiments, but, on the contrary, this tendency has intensified.

The lack of reaction of some states and organizations trying to impose themselves as 'international community' to such racist actions raises questions. Why don't France, the European Parliament, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Freedom House, Amnesty International condemn these cases?

"If the Armenian authorities really want to achieve sustainable peace with Azerbaijan, they must seriously combat the dangerous Azerbaijanophobia rampant in Armenian society," the statement emphasized.

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