Western Azerbaijan Community demands from Armenia to put an end to its opportunistic and hypocritical misuse of human rights

The Western Azerbaijan Community has issued a statement on Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan’s and Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan’s recent remarks, News.az reports.

The statement reads:

"We issue this statement to expose the recent malicious assertions made by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan of Armenia, which once again demonstrate Armenia's hypocrisy and their attempt to misuse the noble notion of human rights for their territorial expansionist agenda.

Armenia forcibly expelled all Azerbaijanis from its territory, and destroyed and desecrated our cultural heritage, sacred places, and graveyards, trying to erase any traces of our presence in our homeland. Despite our persistent calls for dialogue and efforts to return to our homes in safety and with dignity, Armenia has consistently refused to engage in meaningful discussions on this matter, showing a complete disregard for our rights.

While Armenia continues to prevent the return of expelled Azerbaijanis to their homes, it shamelessly tries to misuse human rights arguments relating to ethnic Armenians residing in the Karabakh Economic Region of Azerbaijan. Armenia’s claims not only lack substance but also represent a direct infringement on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Armenia reveals its true intentions by recognizing Azerbaijan's territorial integrity only conditionally and thereby leaving open the possibility for secessionist endeavors. This behavior of Armenia is in clear violation of international law and stands in stark contradiction to the principles laid out in the OSCE Recommendations on National Minorities in Inter-State Relations. The OSCE Recommendations state, among other things:

“Should States demonstrate greater interest in minorities abroad than at home or actively support a particular minority in one country while neglecting it elsewhere, the motives and credibility of their actions may be put into question.”

Armenia's disregard for our right to return, refusal to receive international missions to assist in this process and assess the condition of Azerbaijani cultural heritage in Armenia must be universally condemned. The international community must not accept Armenia’s overt pursuit of the policy of "no ethnic minority, no problem".

The Western Azerbaijan Community calls on the international community to deplore Armenia's actions for what they are: a flagrant abuse of human rights rhetoric in pursuit of territorial claims against Azerbaijan. We demand that Armenia fulfills its obligations to ensure the safe and dignified return of Azerbaijani expellees to their homes in Armenia and puts an end to its opportunistic and hypocritical misuse of human rights.

As we continue our pursuit of justice and the right to return, we reiterate our commitment to peaceful dialogue. We call upon the global community to support our cause and stand in solidarity with us as we seek a future where the rights of all individuals are respected and protected regardless of their ethnicity or religion."

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