We will soon witness grandiose construction projects in Karabakh: Israeli expert

Azerbaijan won its patriotic war by liberating the occupied territories, paying for it not only a high economic price but also with the lives of its sons. Now the republic faces a new, no less difficult battle to bring these areas back to life, Israeli political scientist Yuri Bocharov told News.Az

"After all, the project to restore the regions, no less difficult and very costly operation. Today, the world has seen that Armenia's occupants left behind only the land that has been burned to the ground, destroying everything that can be destroyed. Now Azerbaijan must prove to the whole world that the victims of war were not in vain, that all efforts to protect and shelter refugees on the territory of the republic were not in vain. After all, people waited and believed their country. And now their faith must be translated into real projects of new constructions. After all, the main thing today is to return the refugees to their rightful land as quickly as possible. And to do this, it is necessary to literally lift the entire region from the ashes, which requires not only the construction of housing but also the creation of new jobs and the rebuilding of the entire infrastructure of the region," Bocharov said.

He also noted that it is a global task, but it is feasible because the leadership of the republic, represented by its President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly proved that his words and deeds do not differ.

"And it is known and understood today not only in the republic but also far beyond its borders. And it means that we will soon witness grandiose construction projects and along with them the settling of Azerbaijani lands by the Azerbaijani people," he concluded.


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