Wagner founder calls on Russian society to be fully mobilized for war

Wagner private military company founder and financier Yevgeny Prigozhin has called for the entire Russian society to be mobilized, saying people are ready to contribute to Moscow’s war effort in Ukraine, News.az reports citing CNN.

"It is not only the mobilized who should be mobilized, those who go to the front, but all the society should be mobilized,” Prigozhin said in an audio posted on his Telegram channel, in reaction to Russia’s new electronic conscription bill. "Starting from simple workers who are actually ready for this process."

“When we travel to the regions, our recruiters see that people are ready to be mobilized and understand that there is a war going on for the very existence of Russia,” he added. Unlike Prigozhin, the Russian government continues to deny it is waging a war in Ukraine, referring to the conflict as a "special military operation."

The new bill put forward by the Kremlin, which is set to be signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, would tighten the rules for Russians drafted into the conflict to prevent them from leaving the country — as many did in droves during last year's "partial mobilization." The Wagner leader criticized Russian officials who fled the country with their wealth and said the whole "system" needs to be shaken. 

"Why don't we want to clean out this anthill that has been created over the years and which over the years has turned from a community of people who are ready to develop something in this country into a community of people who are only interested in their own well-being?" he questioned. "The system requires global sanitation and a reduction in the number of participants in this bureaucratic community."

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