Visa center on reasons for suspension of Hungarian visa issuance in Azerbaijan

Suspension of Hungarian visa issuance in Azerbaijan has to do with technical problems.

BLS International, which deals with receiving documents for obtaining Hungarian visas in Baku, says they are not informed of specific reasons.

"We are subordinate to the consular department of the embassy, ​​but we are not informed of specific reasons," the company representative said.

BLS International reported that the reception of documents has been suspended since August 21 and it is yet unclear when it will be resumed.

The Hungarian embassy in Azerbaijan earlier suspended the receipt of documents for visa issuance due to force majeure.

"Those wishing to obtain a long-term Schengen visa (type D) can apply to the Hungarian embassy in Georgia. At the moment, the embassy is busy reviewing appeals received before the force majeure situation. Information on the situation that has developed in connection with the consulate is periodically updated on the embassy website ( Once the consular department resumes operation, those who wish can apply again to obtain a visa," the embassy said.


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