Vardanyan acted against Azerbaijan’s Constitution – Political scientist

“The reason for the detention of Russian "oligarch" Ruben Vardanyan who held the "position" of the so-called "state minister" of the separatist regime in Garabakh, is related to his activity,” political scientist Matin Mammadli told

“R. Vardanyan illegally arrived in Garabagh, and after some time, he took the position of “state minister” in the so-called criminal regime. He acted against the territorial integrity and constitution of Azerbaijan. This is a gross violation of Azerbaijani legislation. In this regard, his arrest was expected. Now he will be held liable in accordance with the laws of Azerbaijan,” said political scientist.

Mr. Mammadli noted that others who committed crimes against Azerbaijan will experience the same fate: “Because war crimes are considered the most severe crimes from the point of view of international law. The arrest of such persons is expected. I believe that other criminals like R. Vardanyan will also be arrested,” he concluded.

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