Vagif Khachatryan was in conscious state while committing crimes against Azerbaijanis, forensic examination reveals

Armenian war criminal Vagif Khachatryan was in a conscious state while committing crimes against civilians in the village of Meshali of Azerbaijan’s Khojaly district on December 22, 1991, said Zeynal Aghayev, a judge of the Baku Military Court.

During another court hearing on Monday, judge Aghayev announced the conclusion of the forensic medical examination regarding Vagif Khachatryan, News.Az reports.

“The comprehensive outpatient forensic psychiatric and psychological examination held on September 13 this year found out that Vagif Khachatryan does not suffer from any mental illness. Also, Khachatryan showed no signs of any mental illness or temporary mental disorder at the time of committing the acts for which he was charged. At that time he understood the actual nature and public danger of his actions and was able to control them. Therefore, it should be assumed that Khachatryan absolutely consciously committed all the acts of which he is accused,” the judge said.

According to the judge, emotional states such as anger and aggression determined Khachatryan’s behavior when he was committing crimes against Azerbaijan.

“Khachatryan was able to fully understand and control his actions depending on his emotional state. He was not in a state of strong mental arousal or physiological affect that occurs suddenly when committing criminal acts,” he added.

Vagif Cherkezovich Khachatryan is charged under Article 103 (Genocide) and Article 107 (Deportation or forced exile of population) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

A criminal group with the participation of Vagif Khachatryan as part of armed formations, not provided for by the legislation of Azerbaijan, comprising of the Armenian nationalists living in the Karabakh economic region, as well as arrived from the Republic of Armenia, committed genocide against the local Azerbaijani population in the village of Meshali, Khojaly district on December 22, 1991 ( on the territory of the former Asgaran district). As a result of these crimes of genocide, persecution, expulsion, armed conflicts committed against the Azerbaijani population in violation of international humanitarian law, a total of 27 people were intentionally killed, 21 people received injuries of varying degrees of severity, two villagers were taken hostage, 340 people out of 81 family households were expelled from their places of permanent residence to other territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan, resulting in material damage of total amount of 13,568,060 manats to the village residents, and 130,800 manats to the state.



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