Using Aghdam-Khankendi road by Armenian community in Karabakh is inevitable – Azerbaijani MP

"The UN Security Council discussions regarding the situation on the Lachin road initiated by Armenia resulted in Yerevan’s next fiasco," member of Azerbaijani Parliament, Tural Ganjali told

Mr. Ganjali noted that neither a resolution was signed, nor a statement was issued as a result of the discussions: “Following the discussions of UN SC usually statements are issued. But after discussions, UN SC neither issued a statement, nor a resolution. This shows that the international community does not put the fact that the Lachin road and Karabakh are the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan, under question. Of course, the main initiator of the discussions was France. France supported its protégé Armenia as a metropolis. France came to the discussions in the hope that there would be a statement against Azerbaijan. But this hope was in vain.”

"Other countries also did not voice opinions purely from a legal point of view. Armenia's wish was to express some opinion against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan," Tural Ganjali emphasized.

"I believe that using the Aghdam-Khankendi road by the Armenian Community in Karabakh is inevitable. Even in the discussions, many countries mention the work in this way. The whole world knows that this road has been repaired and is ready. Only separatists in Karabakh object to the opening of the road. I believe that this road will be opened later. Armenians will accept the transportation of goods through this road. This way will be of great importance for their reintegration into Azerbaijani society. Truth, justice, and law are on the side of Azerbaijan," the MP said.

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