US urges for restraint on all sides in Pakistan-Iran tensions - State Department

US urges for restraint on all sides in Pakistan-Iran tensions, US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said during a briefing on January 18, reports.

"We are concerned about escalating tensions in the region. It's something we've focused on. We've been incredibly concerned about the potential for escalation since October 7. That's why we have engaged in intense diplomatic efforts to try to prevent escalation. We noted the comments from the government of Pakistan, about the importance of cooperative relations between Pakistan and its neighbors. We thought those were productive useful statements, and certainly, there's no need for escalation and we would urge restraint on all sides in this case," he said.

In response to late Tuesday's strikes by Iran, Pakistan initiated missile attacks into Iran, resulting in the death of nine individuals. Pakistan claimed that its strikes targeted "terrorist hideouts" in Iran's southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province.

Iran expressed condemnation for the attack, stating that three women, two men, and four children who were not Iranian lost their lives. The Iranian foreign ministry affirmed its commitment to fostering positive neighborly relations with Pakistan. Nonetheless, it urged Islamabad to take measures to prevent the formation of "bases and armed terrorist groups" on its territory.

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