US unlawfully detaining prisoners in Guantanamo: Lawyer

Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are detained unlawfully by the US government which denies them the right to fair trial, and fails to protect them from sexual, physical and psychological abuse, a lawyer said, reports citing Anadolu Agency.

Lawyer Anas Mustapha, who is in charge of the Guantanamo project of CAGE, a London-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that defends Muslim rights, told Anadolu that the US continues to detain hundreds of people who were arrested after 9/11.

Those people are being held in the notorious facility in Cuba without any official charges, he said.

CAGE is giving legal aid to the detainees and is “fighting a legal battle to free the last 30 prisoners remaining in Guantanamo,” Mustapha said.

After they are released, CAGE helps the former prisoners find jobs, he said.

“One of the directors of CAGE’s Guantanamo Project, Hamad Al-Abadi, is a former prisoner who spent 14 years in those cells,” he said, adding that he is constantly being monitored by the US authorities.

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