US State Dept approves sale of F-16 jet Link-16 modernization kits to Türkiye: Sources

The US State Department has notified Congress of its approval of the sale to Türkiye of Link-16 tactical data link modernization kits for F-16 jets, sources familiar with the matter said Monday, reports citing Anadolu Agency.

The Defense and Security Cooperation Agency, which notifies Congress about the US' official military sales, has yet to issue a statement but according to anonymous sources, the sales package includes related equipment and engineering support to upgrade the Link-16 tactical data link system of Türkiye's existing F-16 jets to the Block Upgrade-2 level, as well as Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance Systems.

Congress has the right to object to the State Department's determination within 15 business days for sales approvals granted to NATO members, including Türkiye, a member of the alliance for over 70 years.

Link-16 is a military radio network, also known as a tactical data link (TDL), used by NATO and allied countries.

It provides tactical information sharing between aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), ships, and ground forces.

Ankara and Washington last year negotiated the sale of 40 new F-16 jets and 79 modernization kits, and the process is currently awaiting the approval of the US Congress.

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