Until last minutes of war, Armenian army remained in fear – Azerbaijani president

Until the last minutes of the war, the Armenian army remained in fear, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev said during his visit to Sugovushan settlement, Tartar on Sunday.

“We maintained this moral advantage until the last day, until the last minute of the war. The enemy had already started to realize that all their propaganda, all their lies were nothing but fabrications. The enemy's propaganda had been spreading false information about their tactical retreats day and night, and this nonsense was circulated. This is probably a novelty in military practice. They were describing the towns and villages we had already liberated as those where battles were still ongoing. In real life, however, in real battles, everyone saw everything. In particular, the personnel serving in the Armenian army saw that we were winning, that we were moving forward and that no force could stop us. Once Talish and Sugovushan, which were considered almost impossible to seize from a military point of view, were liberated by the Azerbaijani Army, they were convinced that our Victory chronicle would be continued,” the head of state said.

The Azerbaijani leader noted that the Armenian army and personnel were in a deep moral and psychological shock.

“They were terrified, and, of course, in the following period, from 3 October until the last minutes of the war, the Armenian army remained in fear. It is no coincidence that there were more than 10,000 deserters in the Armenian army. They realized that they could not stand in front of us. They saw that their government was lying to them and sending them to death, that it was carrying out meaningless operations, as a result of which the personnel of the Armenian armed forces were actually sacrificed. An army of 10,000 deserters could not resist us, of course,” President Aliyev said.  

“After that, the glorious Victory March of the Azerbaijani Army and our Armed Forces continued. It is true that in some places the Armenian side did put up some resistance. In some places, it created difficulties for us. But this is a war. After all, they had built great fortifications over 30 years – look at these mountains, they were all natural fortifications – and, of course, they had the opportunity to defend themselves. But they already knew that they could not stand in front of us. The presence of 10,000 deserters speaks volumes,” the head of state added.


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