UN reps eyewitness Armenian vandalism committed in Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli

Representatives of the United Nations (UN) have today familiarized themselves with Armenian atrocities committed in Azerbaijan’s liberated Fuzuli district, News.Az reports.

Araz Imanov, an employee of the Special Representative Office of the President of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh Economic Region (except Shusha district), informed the visitors about the restoration and reconstruction works carried out in the liberated territories, as well as the large-scale infrastructure projects such as Fuzuli and Zangilan International Airport.

The UN delegation also viewed the traces of Armenian barbarism committed in Fuzuli during the 30-year-long Armenian occupation. Armenian vandals have looted and wiped out Azerbaijani villages. All houses, social facilities and farms were destroyed. Armenians used the mosques as a cowshed, as they demonstrated their hatred against the Azerbaijanis.

Azerbaijani cemeteries were also subjected to Armenian vandalism - graves were destroyed, and gravestones were removed.

They were also informed about Armenia`s massive contamination of liberated territories with mines, as well as demining works carried out by Azerbaijan in these territories.

After familiarizing themselves with Fuzuli, the visitors headed to Aghdam district.


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