Ukrainians return home from Poland for special Easter

Maria Verbyana, 19, moved to Warsaw to escape Lviv, Ukraine, a month ago amid the threat of Russian bombings. But, as Orthodox Easter approaches on Sunday, she could not imagine being away from her priest and family, reports citing Reuters.

Late on Thursday night, she boarded a bus back home, determined to spend her Easter volunteering to help Ukrainian soldiers, performing folk songs and praying and singing with Father Taras.

She is one of thousands who are set to return to Ukraine for Easter, despite the ongoing risk of bombings and attacks as Russian aggression in Ukraine, especially in the East and South.

"Ukraine is now in the culmination of its history and therefore it will be the most special and sacred Easter in the history of Ukraine," Verbyana said.

"A monkey with a grenade lives next us, so it can't be safe anywhere, even in Lviv. But we will hope that this Easter will be special for us. And that indeed the Lord will protect us."

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