Ukrainian Deputy PM: Ukraine has a number of industries in which the country can be useful to Azerbaijan

If to speak about what unites Azerbaijan and Ukraine, it is, first of all, a number of friendly countries that support us and our cooperation, Alexey Reznikov, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, who is on a working visit to Azerbaijan, told a News.Az correspondent in Aghdam.

"Recently President Zelensky visited Istanbul and had a meeting with President Erdogan.  For example, Turkey is a strategic partner of both Azerbaijan and Ukraine. We have a lot of common tasks that can be done together. Each side has its own experience, its own potential, and we can share it. The stronger will be our community (cooperation). We will also cooperate and exchange experience on the return of internally displaced persons," he said.

The politician also noted that today Ukraine has a number of industry sectors, in which the country can be useful for Azerbaijan.

"As you know that Ukraine is one of the top grain producers, it can be useful for rehabilitation of the liberated lands of Azerbaijan. Our metal, of which we are also a major producer, can help in this. And the last point - the pharmaceutical industry, which is very strongly developed in Ukraine. We are ready to share our experience in this industry with our Azerbaijani friends. We know that Azerbaijan has been considering options for the production of insulin in the country, and we are willing to give the benefit of experience."

The deputy prime minister also noted Azerbaijan's rapid change and development over the years of independence.

"When I first came to Azerbaijan many years ago, Baku was a construction city. And when I came here several years later and now as an official, I can see how much everything has been transformed and is being done with care and love. But when I drove through the checkpoint in Aghdam, I saw how terrible everything was. And I have a question, why was it necessary? Why ruin it? And I have no doubts that there will be a brand new Aghdam soon. What I see gives me hope."


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