Ukraine claims advances south of Bakhmut

Ukraine keeps making gains south of Bakhmut while facing stiff resistance to the north of the embattled eastern city, according to Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar, reports citing CNN.

Russia is “throwing all its forces” to try and stop Kyiv’s advance in the area, Maliar claimed, adding that Moscow’s soldiers are pushing in the direction of Lyman, Svatove and Bakhmut, and had set up a three-tiered defense in those areas "to gain a foothold.”

“But they are still not succeeding,” she said Tuesday.

Lyman and Svatore are cities north of Bakhmut.

In its daily update, the Ukrainian Military’s General Staff also said Ukraine was consolidating positions around Bakhmut. “Ukrainian soldiers continue to conduct offensive operations to the south and north of Bakhmut, strengthening on the achieved lines,” it said. 

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