UK records 62,322 new coronavirus cases - highest daily rise ever

The UK has recorded 62,322 new Covid cases - the highest daily total since the pandemic began - and 1,041 more deaths, BBC reports.

The number of deaths is the highest since April 21, at the peak of the first wave of coronavirus.

Today's numbers are up on yesterday's increase of 60,916 cases, which had also been a record increase, and 830 deaths.

The total number of cases in the UK is now 2,836,801.

The Government's death figures continue to be affected by a lag in the publication of recent data and will contain some deaths that took place over the Christmas and New Year period that have only just been reported.

After the latest death figures were released, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tweeted: "This is a tragedy. It's not bad luck. It was not inevitable.

"The Government has been too slow to react. We now need a national effort to get our country vaccinated."


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