Turkish Parliament passes 1st part of security probe bill

The Turkish Parliament passed the first part of the Security Investigation and Archive Research Bill, consisting of seven articles, reports said Wednesday.

The approved legislation outlines basic principles on how the data related to security probes can be used and stored, what kind of data and documents can be listed in archives, which authorities can carry out investigations and research as well as details on the evaluation committee, data security and revising the data storage and deleting periods.

According to the new law, the scope of archive research and issues related to security probes will also be revised. The scope will include the individual’s criminal record if they are still sought by security forces if they face any threats or have any court decisions or other probes against them, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported.

In addition to the archive research, the security probes will determine the individual’s relations with foreign state institutions and terrorist organizations.

The security investigations will be carried out by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and the police, according to the new law.


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