Turkey slams Armenia’s aggressive actions against Azerbaijan

Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Thursday condemned Armenia's attacks on Azerbaijan and the smear campaign against Turkey.

“We observe that Armenia now tries to resort to a hypocritical smear campaign against Turkey in an effort to cover up its aggressive actions against Azerbaijan,” the ministry said. “This two-faced attitude of Armenia, which has been illegally occupying Azerbaijani territory for many years, clearly reveals who is the real obstacle to the establishment of lasting peace and stability in the South Caucasus.”

Ankara noted that conducting foreign policy with such out of context accusations and slanders will benefit neither the region nor Armenia.

“This approach is the manifestation of a mentality which constructs its identity by solely deriving enmity based on a one-sided interpretation of history and which tries to legitimize its own aggression in contravention of international law. This defective mentality that fuels aggressive nationalism is deplorable, but not surprising for us,” the ministry said.

It added that Armenian authorities need to come to their senses and comprehend, as soon as possible, that they should be part of the solutions, not problems, in the South Caucasus.


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