Trofimchuk: Russia and the CSTO see no other solution but the political one

Fighting on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, which is not included in the Karabakh conflict zone, is a direct consequence of the unresolved problem of Karabakh, so it can not be considered isolatedly, Grigory Trofimchuk, an expert in the sphere of foreign policy, defense and security, chairman of the expert council of the Foundation for Support of Scientific Research "Workshop of Eurasian Ideas" told News.Az

"Now it will be difficult to lead Azerbaijan to a new negotiating circle, as it already understands that there is no result on this path and will not be. But this is not even the main thing. And the main thing is that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan directly stated that "he will not change occupied territories for peace". But then why sit down at the negotiating table at all? And didn't Pashinyan himself appear at the head of Armenia through a coup d'état to derail the Karabakh situation?" the interlocutor said.  

Trofimchuk believes that Yerevan's demand for the CSTO to interfere in the Armenian-Azerbaijani war on Armenia's side is a big political problem.

"Naturally, Armenia is Russia's ally and one should not forget about it. However, we should also remember how Prime Minister Pashinyan tried to paralyze the work of the CSTO when he opened a criminal case against his Secretary-General, who represented Armenia in the bloc. Therefore, both Russia and the CSTO should carefully weigh up what is happening and try to understand who or what is behind the whole series of events that happened. Generally, both Russia and the CSTO look at the problem in the same wat as they did in April 2016 and before it. And they see no other solution but the political one. I would also add that this situation requires a slightly different, strategic view of things than just a formal, which is typical for officials," summed up the Russian expert.


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