Trial starts for Azerbaijani MNS ex-official charged with bribe-taking

The Baku Military Court held on Friday a preliminary hearing on the criminal case of the former head of the main counter-intelligence directorate of the liquidated Ministry of National Security (MNS) Miraziz Asgarov.

The defendant’s lawyer, Alimardan Sadigov, filed a petition at the trial. The lawyer asked the court to commute his client’s pretrial detention term, which will expire on May 27 this year, to an alternative measure of restraint.

The lawyer didn’t oppose to the transfer of the case to judicial review.

Miraziz Asgarov, in turn, said an investigative authority took a biased position in relation to him.

The judges adjourned for consultations to take a decision. After the break, the court rejected the petition.

The judge said the hearing would be held behind closed doors only during the investigation of his service.

The hearing will be continued on April 14.

Miraziz Asgarov faces charges Article 182.3.1, 182.3.2 (extortion, committed by an organized group in order to obtain property on a large scale), 311.3.1, 311.3.2, 311.3.3, 311.3.4 (bribe-taking by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, committed repeatedly on a large scale with the use of threats), 341.2.1, 341.2.3 (abusing authority, excess or inactivity of authority committed by a group of persons, committed with the use of weapons, resulted in grave consequences) of Azerbaijan’s Criminal Code.


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