Trial of Armenian terrorists proceeds in Azerbaijan

The trial on the criminal case against 13 members of a terrorist armed group consisting of Armenian citizens continues at the Baku Court on Grave Crimes.

The members of the group are: Rafik Karapetyan, Gurgen Goloyan, Hrayr Tadevosyan, Vagharshak Maloyan, Sasun Egiazaryan, Arsen Vardanyan, Vakhagen Bakhrikyan, Setrak Soghomonyan, Armen Dilanyan, Manuk Martonyan, Mels Anbardanyan, Andranik Mikaelyan and Felix Grigoryan.

The accused give testimony at the trial chaired by Judge Azad Mejidov.

The investigative bodies revealed that a group of Armenians, illegally acquiring weapons, components for the weapons, ammunition, explosives, and devices, created armed formations not envisaged by the law.

An armed group consisting of 13 people illegally crossed the state border of Azerbaijan on November 17, 2020, and took up the positions in the forest in the Hadrut settlement of Khojavand district.

The members of the group carried out subversive activity here, attacked individuals, organized explosions, fires, committed other terrorist acts that threaten human life and health, to disrupt public safety, create panic among the population or influence the process of making decisions by the Azerbaijani state structures or international organizations until December 13, 2020.

An announcement was made at the trial that if during the trial the guilt of the accused is proven, they can be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 14 to 20 years or to life imprisonment.

A break was announced at the trial, after which the accused gave testimony.

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated by the Main Investigation Department of the Azerbaijani State Security Service against the members of the Armenian armed formations disarmed as a result of the anti-terrorist operation of the State Security Service on December 13, 2020, and who, having illegally and secretly infiltrated to the Azerbaijani territory, committed terrorist-subversive and other criminal actions against the servicemen and civilians of Azerbaijan after the announcement of a ceasefire agreed upon by a trilateral statement signed by Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia on November 10, 2020 [following the Second Karabakh War from late Sept. to early Nov.2020], has been completed.

As earlier reported, the investigation into the criminal case against 14, and then 13 more members of the armed group has been completed and sent to the court for review along with the approved indictment.

In connection with the above-mentioned facts, 13 members of the illegal armed group were accused upon Articles 214.2.1, 214.2.3 (terrorism committed by a group of people upon prior conspiracy by an organized group or criminal association (criminal organization) by using firearms and items used as weapons), 228.3 (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons, components for weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices by an organized group), 279.2 (an attack on enterprises, institutions, organizations or individuals as part of armed formations or groups not envisaged by the law) and 318.2 (illegal crossing of the state border of Azerbaijan by a group of people upon prior conspiracy or by an organized group) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The criminal case together with the indictment approved by the deputy prosecutor general of Azerbaijan was sent for consideration to the court.


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