Training sessions for journalists wrap up (PHOTO)

Co-organized by the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MEDIA) and the Specialization Programs of the Institute for Development and Diplomacy at ADA University, training sessions on the topic “Ethics, copyright and journalism” for about 40 journalists have ended, News.Az reports.

On the second day of the training sessions, Tulin Daloglu held discussions on “Ethical and professional media content management”, “Source confidentiality: Ethical and legal issues”, “Editorial policy and journalistic ethics: formation of professional values”, “Copyright: Exclusive rights and copyright infringement”, and other topics. The speaker answered journalists’ questions.

The two-day training sessions were aimed at once again emphasizing the importance of the basic principles of journalism, the rules of ethics, and the protection of copyrights, as well as the responsibility to inform the public correctly.

At the end, certificates were presented to the training participants.  


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