Top Azerbaijani diplomat slams France’s actions serving to aggravate situation in region

France’s recent actions serve to aggravate the situation in the South Caucasus, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov told journalists on Monday, News.Az reports.

“France's zeal during positive steps on the Azerbaijani-Armenian settlement contributes to the aggravation of the problem. After the meeting held on the initiative of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the importance of the development of the peace process was noted, an agreement was reached. But immediately after was the statement of the French President, and then the visit of the defense minister of this country to Armenia, his provocative statements. Azerbaijan's restoration of its territorial integrity and sovereignty worries many circles,” Bayramov noted.

The top diplomat said that no agreements have been reached over the past 5 months. Despite this, peace and tranquility reigned on the border with Armenia during this period.

“This period of almost 5 months was the calmest period on the conditional border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. If we consider this period, we will see that some circles were concerned about it and are doing their best to change the situation and create tension,” he added.


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