Through provocations, Yerevan wants to undermine the peacekeeping potential of the trilateral statement: Russian expert

The shelling of the Azerbaijani Army's positions in the direction of Shusha by Armenian armed groups testifies that Yerevan is trying to undermine by all means the peacemaking potential, which was laid on November 10, 2020, after signing a trilateral agreement, where the main security guarantor was the Russian Federation, Russian security expert Yevgeny Mikhailov told News.Az.

"Yerevan's actions frame the Russian Federation in this way, but this is the usual practice of this country. They are defended, and they try to stab in the back. I think that Moscow certainly does not like this and will take action to ensure that such steps are not repeated."

The expert also added that despite the fact that Armenia is a weak country in all respects, but it wants to show that it is still capable of doing something: "It's clear that Yerevan cannot do anything. And the diplomats of the countries that are interested in a final solution to the conflict need to make every effort to de-escalate the tension."


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