Terrorists will never succeed in destroying peace in Türkiye - Erdogan

Terrorists trying to destroy peace and security in Türkiye will never succeed, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday, News.Az reports citing Anadolu Agency. 

Erdogan’s remarks came after two police officers were injured when a terrorist blew himself up in front of the Security Directorate General in the capital Ankara.

In a speech marking the start of parliament’s new legislative year, Erdogan said Sunday’s terrorist act, in which two criminals were neutralized thanks to timely police intervention, was part of what he called the “last gasps of terrorism."

Stressing the need for solidarity in the fight against terrorism, Erdogan said: "We have largely solved the separatist terrorism issue, which has made our country pay heavy human and economic costs for 40 years, within our borders."

He reiterated that Türkiye will continue to fight terrorism with determination until the last terrorist at home or abroad is eliminated.

“We will not allow the terrorist group to direct politics or prevent the sacred march of our country,” he added.

Two police officers suffered minor injuries when one of two terrorists blew himself up in front of the Security Directorate General, while the other terrorist was killed by security forces at the entrance.

The police officers are being treated for their injuries, which are not life-threatening, according to the interior minister.

Ankara prosecutors have launched an investigation into the terrorist attack.

The Ankara Criminal Court of Peace has issued a media access and publication ban on news of the attack.


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