Terrific road accident kills 4 in Yevlakh

A fatal traffic accident occurred in Yevlakh region, killing 5 people and injuring one, APA’s local bureau reports.

VAZ 2107 and VAZ 21015 cars collided last night in Tanrigulu village of Yevlakh.
Drivers of vehicles - resident of the Salahli village of the Yevlakh region Safarov Ziyad (born in 1963), resident of the village of Jamilli of the Terter region Zulgadarli Zulgadar (born in 1992), as well as passengers, resident of Kalbajar district Ilya Gashimov (born in 1961), residents of Mingachevir city Zeynalov Parviz (born in 1988) and Allahverdiyev Zahir (born in 1993) died as a result of the accident.
One of the passengers of VAZ 2107 Tural Alyshanli was taken to the hospital with injuries of varying severity,
An investigation into the cause of the accident is underway.


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