Stoltenberg to stay on as NATO chief another year

Jens Stoltenberg is set to stay on as NATO’s chief for another year, four people familiar with the decision told POLITICO, News.Az reports. 

A US official said the secretary general’s leadership extension is “a done deal.” Asked if that was the case, a senior diplomat from Western Europe said “yes,” adding it “will be formalized next week.” A senior diplomat from Eastern Europe and a senior NATO official also confirmed there is consensus within the alliance for an extension.

The move to retain Stoltenberg was widely rumored and expected ahead of a major NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania next month, billed as one of the most important alliance gatherings in years amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Allies wanted to make a decision on whether to keep the secretary general in place or find new leadership before the July 11-12 meeting, which comes as Ukraine’s counteroffensive stalls and after a rebellion last weekend by Russian Wagner Group mercenaries exposed the largest crack in Russian regime in two decades.


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