Iranian companies ready to participate in reconstruction of liberated Azerbaijani lands, FM Zarif says

There is a normal situation following Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity was restored and the occupation ended, Azerbaijani people can go back to the places of origin, and Iran wants to help in doing that probably, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said at a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in Baku.

“In addition to being your friends we are the closest and have the highest comparative advantage. In rebuilding the areas where you need your population to come back and rehabilitate those areas, the area our families, they are our kin. The relations on the two sides of Araz are relations of kinship and friendship has been for all the time,” the minister said.

Zarif said Iran prioritizes the areas of energy, reconstruction and agriculture that can be a means of living for people who will be going back, and Iranian companies are ready to engage.

“The projects that Your Excellency mentioned and I want to appreciate that under your leadership the visit that we have had, the visit of the Foreign Minister, the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister to Iran have been extremely successful and we look forward to engaging in those areas from the South-North Corridor to South-West Corridor, to other power production, energy, Khudafarin, Qiz Qalasi, other probably good areas of cooperation. And we are very happy that during the visit by your officials to Iran these projects moved very rapidly and now we can have a common border a much longer common border of friendship,” he added.

Zarif stressed that he will be visiting all the six countries, five plus Iran, in line with the Azerbaijani president’s proposal of 3+3.

The Iranian minister said such cooperation is in the interest of all regional countries.


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