Azerbaijani police start operating in liberated Shusha city

The Azerbaijani police department officers started to work in the liberated Shusha city, the Interior Ministry informed.

"Employees of the ministry have started to work in Shusha like employees of other state bodies. Soon, the commandant's office will also start functioning," the ministry said.

On October 29, 2020, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree ‘On the organization of temporary special administration in the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation’. According to the decree, in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, temporary commandant's offices are being created following the administrative-territorial division of Azerbaijan, exercising special control over each district.

The temporary commandant's offices were instructed to coordinate their activities with the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan and the State Border Service of Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan has been instructed to appoint temporary commandants of the relevant territories and organize the activities of temporary commandant's offices with the creation of operational headquarters in them, consisting of representatives of several government agencies.

Temporary commandant's offices have been instructed to organize the protection of important facilities in the territories in which they operate, including facilities of transport and telecommunications infrastructure, energy and water supply systems, reservoirs, special facilities that are a source of great danger to people and the environment; protection of public order and public safety; collection, inventory, and protection of discovered military equipment, weapons, ammunition, poisonous and explosive substances; inventory, storage and protection of civilian equipment, vehicles, except for agricultural equipment; keeping records of the documents found and their protection for subsequent analysis; implementation of other measures established by the Law of Azerbaijan "On Martial Law" to ensure the regime of martial law.


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