Azerbaijani police find ammo abandoned by Armenian troops in liberated Sugovushan (VIDEO)

Measures for detecting ammunition abandoned while fleeing by the Armenian army are continuing in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, the Barda regional group of the Interior Ministry’s press service said on Thursday.

Thus, on the territory of Sugovushan village, employees of the Tartar Regional Police Department found one 60 mm mortar, 72 rounds for it, 5 AGS-17 grenade launchers, 2 PKT units of 12.7 mm caliber, one Kalashnikov machine gun, as well as the “IGLA” ready-to-launch anti-aircraft missile system, an RPG-18 grenade of the Mukha brand, three RPG-7 anti-tank mines, a sniper rifle, 2 boxes of cartridges of 12.7 mm caliber, a hand-held radio station and a charging device for it.


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