Azerbaijan marks Constitution Day

Today marks the Constitution Day in our country. 

The Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic adopted in 1995 is the first Constitution of independent Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, that lasted for 23 months in 1918-1920, could not adopt the main law of the state. Thus, the history of Azerbaijan Republic’s Constitution was mainly formed in the USSR.

Azerbaijan’s first Constitution was adopted on May 19th, 1921, at the I All-Azerbaijani Soviet Congress. The new edition of Azerbaijan SSR’s Constitution adapted to the USSR Constitution was adopted on March 14th, 1925 at the IV All-Azerbaijani Soviet Congress. The last Constitution of Azerbaijan SSR was adopted on Aprel 21st, 1978.

After Azerbaijan regained its independence, the need to prepare a new constitution emerged. Therefore, a special commission headed by President Heydar Aliyev was established; the Constitution bill was taken to the national vote. On November 12th, 1995, Azerbaijan’s first Constitution was adopted based on the national referendum.

Since then, November 12th is marked as the Constitution Day in Azerbaijan Republic.


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