Solution of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict will contribute to global stability - Turkish NSC

A fair settlement of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan will be the basis for the establishment of lasting peace in the Caucasus, and will also make an important contribution to global stability, it was stated in the statement on the results of the first meeting of the newly formed National Security Council of Turkiye, reports.

It was expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved in the dialogue process between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

In addition, the increasing risks of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine for the region were also highlighted at the meeting of the National Council of Ministers: "Turkiye will continue to contribute to efforts to end conflicts, start peace negotiations and ensure global food security."

Emphasizing that the preservation of Syria's territorial integrity and the establishment of sustainable peace and stability will only be possible if it is cleansed of terrorist organizations, attention was drawn to the importance of international cooperation that will contribute to the efforts made for the voluntary, safe and dignified return of Syrians fleeing the conflict to their homes, and to live in peace and prosperity. .

The members of the NSC stressed the importance of Turkiye's support to the region while the dialogue and consultation processes continue, in order to prevent the problem from turning into a crisis.

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