Six wildfires extinguished in Yakutia on area of over 38,300 hectares

Six forest fires were put out in Yakutia on an area of over 38,300 ha over the past day, blazes are still raging in the region across 142,000 hectares, the regional Ministry of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry said on its Telegram channel on Friday, reports.

"Over the past day, six forest fires were extinguished on a total area of 38,367 hectares in the Aldansky, Ust-Maysky and Srednekolymsky districts," the statement said.

As of Friday, twenty-five wildfires are still active on a total area of 142,238 hectares in Yakutia. Fourteen wildfires have been recorded in the Ust-Maysky district. Two landscape fires are also active in the Oymyakonsky district on an area of 23 ha.

The firefighting effort involves 596 people, including 10 volunteers, and eight pieces of equipment. During the day, two forest fires were detected in the Srednekolymsky and Nizhnekolymsky districts.

By now, the municipal state of emergency has been declared only in the Ust-Maysky district in Yakutia. Such measures were lifted in the Srednekolymsky district on Thursday.

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