Azerbaijan Army to hold several events on the occasion of the Remembrance Day

According to the plan approved by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a number of events on the occasion of the Remembrance Day will be held in the Azerbaijan Army on September 27, reports citing Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defence.

According to the plan, the Ministry's leadership and other servicemen will visit the Alley of Honor and the Alleys of Shehids, lay flowers at the grave of the Great Leader, and the graves of Shehids of the Patriotic War, as well as pay tribute to their memory.

Within the framework of the events, documentaries, videos, photos, and book exhibitions dedicated to the Patriotic War will be shown for servicemen.

The events will focus on the historical significance of the glorious victory gained by the valiant Azerbaijan Army under the command of the victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the role of the Azerbaijani people in the victory, the courage and heroism of the war participants, and the eternal memory of Shehids.

The servicemen will also visit the Shehids’ families and servicemen who lost their health in battles.

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